Medellin is located in a basin surrounded by mountains. Since the city is located at 1,495m above sea level, it usually prevails here pleasant temperatures. Not like in the higher 1.145m higher located Bogota, where it can be very cold at night. The skyscrapers characterize the city and the slums are on the slopes of the mountains. The cosmopolitan city is known by most Colombians as the most worth living city in Colombia and has nothing to do anymore with the city of Medellin during the the civil war, when the drug cartel of Pablo Escobar was ruling the city.

Sights in Medellín

Cable cars: Medellín has two cable cars that lead up the mountain slopes on each side of the city. From the metro station San Javier, the cable car swings over simple dwellings on the hillside to an observation deck overlooking Medellín. If you are more interested in escaping the city into nature you can take the cable car from metro station  Acevedo (line A) directly into the nature of Parque Arví. In the park you can make easy walks.

Plaza Botero: Stroll through the hat vendors on Plaza Botero and visit the large bronze sculptures of Medellin-born artist Fernando Botero.

Plaza de las Luces: At night, the 300 pillars illuminate the Plaza de las Luces and bring light into the dark corners of the city.

Comuna 13: Visit one of the once most dangerous neighborhoods of the city, Comuna 13, on a graffiti tour with Medellín Graffiti Tour or Comuna 13 Tours.

A great advice to visit Medellin is to take part in the free sightseeing tour with local guides. Register in time with Real City Tours to get a place.

Where to stay

The common place to stay for backpackers in Medellin are the barrios (neighborhood) El Poblado, Laueres or Centro (downtown). For nightlife and affordable accommodation most travelers choose El Poblado.

Boutique Hotel: If you wanna live centrally in El Poblado and are looking for accommodation with all amenities, then the Sites Hotel with its rooftop pool will appeal to you. Double room 73 € / night

Accommodation at the countryside: If you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of the city at night and want to relax in a garden, then I would recommend you to stay in the south of Medellín in the quiet and green Barrios Envigado or San Luca. Eco Casa Raines (double rooms from 21 € / night) and Ecohotel San Lucar boutique hotel are located in a safe area with huge gardens to relax in. They are well connected by bus and metro. In about 20 minutes you will reach the lively center and the sights. To get from Envigado to the center of Medellin, you can choose between a yellow taxi for 20,000 COP (about 6 €) or the bus and subway (200 COP, about 0,60 €).

Getting there

Airport: Medellins International Airport (Aeropuerto International Jose Maria Cordoba MDE) is located about 30 km and a 40-50 min drive to the city center and 40 min to the Barrio (neigborhood) Envigado with relaxed hotels in the countryside. The price for a taxi is around 70.000 COP (approx. 20€)

The transportation system in Medellin is pretty good. You have a lot of mini busses and a central metro line (per trip 200 COP, approx 0,60€), which is open from 5 to 23 o’clock. Alternatively you take a yellow taxi…5 km or 15 min drive cost around 20.000 COP (6€).

Bus: Terminal del Sur is the place to leave or arrive in the Medellin by bus. Going to Jardin (3-4h drive) will cost you 22.000COP (7€)

Wanna escape the big city to the green countryside? Follow the scent of coffee to Jardín, the small oasis between coffee plantations south of Medellin.


Travel itinerary

In Medellín, you are at the first stop of your 4-week Colombia trip:

  1. Medellín
  2. Between coffee plantations in Jardín
  3. Wax palms in the Valle de Cocora in Salento
  4. Parque National Natural de Puracé near Popayán
  5. Sculptures in San Augustin
  6. Tatacora desert
  7. Bogota
  8. Villa de Leyva
  9. San Gil and Barichara
  10. Lago de Tota
  11. Bogota
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